Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

The Loss

Running into the night,
Away from the fright.
Crying blood,
Leaking on the ground,
I shall never be found.
Screaming in pain,
This was my vain,
And now I’ve left a stain.
Looking up from the velvet sea,
Pouring free,
Down on me.
Gasping hard,
I play the last card,
And now I’m out.
Internal darkness,
Bearing down,
I ran away from town,
For your despair.
Depression clawing into our backs,
Popping our blood sacks,
And now kiss,
This world good-bye,
We’re going into bliss.
This time it won’t miss.
For the kill,
It’s pain pill,
I can no longer feel.
Breaking away,
Cutting our strings,
So we may,
Death, when it brings,
Slipping and tripping.
Our blood,
It is dripping,
No skipping,
A strait stream.
One last cry,
And scream.
I was your loss,
And you were mine.
Our life we will toss,
For we have.
We’re here,
In peace,
Stop your fear.
For rest,
You must,
You are my biggest lost,
And I am yours,
Rest happily, forever and forevermore……

Taylor Clark