Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

The Way

I'm happy to have found the way;
I'm joyful for it's born the day
In which all jubilation is mine
And its attached to the truest vine
This meek branch of a prospered womb;
And though they unnerve the beckons of the tomb,
It shall happen the Savior's will;
As was on the green and far away hill,
Where for the chief of sinners He died.
And all angels of doom heaved and sighed
For without appeal salvation had been born;
For the wretched and wrecked and torn!

I've found the sweet way
And its faithful tread must pay,
It depends not upon the crooked its great reward,
Nor should it be loved by the myopic of this world!

Hannington Mumo