Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

Pet Problem

I’m thinking of getting a pet
But not sure what to get
I haven’t decided yet what it will be
With or without a tail
Coat of feather, fur or scale
A fun filled little pal, just for me

A dog would be first pick
Woofing, chasing a stick
A wagging tail, a friendly lick waiting there
But working most of the day
I would often be away
On the dog I must say it would be unfair

I’ve never really seen the point
Of fish tanks filling up the joint
They tend to disappoint, not much good
And birds where designed to fly
So cage them up? I can’t see why
That’s something that I have never understood

Reptiles are tempting to be sure
But need a constant temperature
I don’t think that I’d endure the effort or expense
Not got the time for a cat
Or exotic things like a bat
Any rabbits soft and fat would go under the fence

Rats and hamsters scurry all night
Chinchillas just don’t sound right
Spiders would give a fright, that’s not the way to go
That’s also true of scorpions yes
And bugs and insects leave a mess
As I can't decide I guess I’ll stick with just the hippo

Flying Lemming