Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata


Mozambique, Mozambique take me back and kiss my cheek,
My homeland has become a bore, cos television dictates behind every door..I want to escape to where i am free,
where i have more time, more time for me..

Here in society im just a rat, where the rules are simple you do this and do that! Keeping someone else happy from morning till noon, they only smile as long as you're singing their tune..

Success is written while chasing your dreams, i dont have time to listen to a managers screams. I survived for a year with no money in my pocket, so what am i doing back here, to keep up i need a rocket! !

Im NOT prepared to watch my only life flash on by, and one day sit back and wonder who am i? I am NOT your rat, i am NOT your slave, you have nothing i desire or crave!

So the time is now cos tomorrow is too far, i got clothes, surfboard and i got my guitar... In Mozambique i do not need to make a booking in advance, i just arrive and my real friends start to dance..

I can go live off the land and plant all sorts of food, water is free and i can build a home with just wood.I can go fish i can go surf, inbetween ill help others and give my life more worth...

Here in this ratrace im getting so ill, its choking my life it wont stop till it kills..Its time to leave the sewer and all the rats, and hang out with the REAL cool cats.....

Dean du Preez