Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

After Inviting the Activity

Have you given a listen,
To those who compare themselves to others?
Those who do that,
Down to the last detail.
As if God has made their lives,
The mold for all of humanity.
An unsolicited opinion from them is always given.

There is a unique difference,
Between those who do this and those who do not.

Those who do this,
Have not spent five minutes alone!
Not by themselves.
An appreciation for life is missing.

And those who do not find reasons to compare,
Live independently.
A quality of life for them,
Seems to be one they seem to make and share.
And have done so for most of their lives.
They have jumped over the hurdles.
And tackled their own obstacles.

How they have done this?
It is a faith they have and that is shown.

While those who seem to be in constant need,
To compare...
Seem not comfortable in their own skin.
And despise.
Listen to the way they find something to criticize.
And 'who' they do it to!

The only interest they seem to have,
Is to inform anyone who listens...
As to how busy they are in other people's lives.
With complaints of what it is they do...
After inviting the activity and creating its affects.

They show a complete masking of their insecurities.
And a fear that keeps them failing to face them...
On their own,

They seek support for their beliefs,
To keep any growth that may go on...
Unshown or known that can be identified.

Lawrence S. Pertillar