Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata


Dawn follows dust; dusk, dawn
In throbs of life in cycles
Of incessant joys and pains;
A mount ascends from a vail
While a vail descends from a mount;
It is the play, the nature plays,
That makes life a trove of hopes and despairs
And sweet, sad tune of immortal rhythms
That raises soul to peak strength
Where all passions fasciculate to white hot, sad glow.

A silver string of terrifying charge
Runs ‘neath nature’s writhing dance
To hold high hopes through ups and downs;
It is this string of terrifying charge,
It is this string of terrifying charge,
That raises soul to noble lives
And sends man on ceaseless pursuits;
The nature’s throbs, the nature’s heaves,
The silver string ‘neath the rhythmic cycles
Make life, life; a stillness in change.

Life is an ocean of infinite waves
That rise and fall in unknown order;
Life is a dance of cosmic rhythms
That force concinnity for orderly growth
To unknown, far goals on evolution’s wings
Where always all move in blind spurts;
It is celestial mood of the subtle creation
That lives as root cause and moves as mute change
In continual flux in a fixed course
To the nebulous end all aspire to reach.