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Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

I Wonder How A Man

I wonder how a man should behave towards his wife
Should he love her till he draw his last breath of life
And agree with everything that she has to say
And tell her he loves her many times a day?

Or spend far more time with his mates at the pub
Discussing the welfare of the football club
And leave his wife at home of their children to take care?
The ideal sort of husband to say the least rare.

In the company of men I have spent too much time
Played football, worked and drunk alcohol with them back in my life's prime
To females us males are of different kind
To every good man ten good women you'll find.

Respect to all women all men ought to show
But how a man should behave towards his woman I hardly would know
Since I have never been known as a ladies man
And I'm now in the Autumn years of my life's span.

Francis Duggan