Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

Pain In Our Ummah

Bombs droppin
Sadness in in our hearts

A life iz lost
Tears in my eyes

Were 1 nation 1 Ummah
Victory will be ours 1 day

Chit-chat gossip is all worthless
Stay on the path and you will see the light

Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has guided us
And its for us to follow

We will never when the angel of death will strike

So we should take time out
And make taubah

Do we know if were gonna answer questions in the grave?

Who’s your lord
What’s your dean?
Who’s your prophet?

So we better practice

Our Ummah is falling apart
We need to stick together

We must avoid our number 1 rival

Always on standby

Your life may end with a bang
Your soul may be taken the hard one

You may have fame
But who cares when your in the grave

Your life in this world is to worship
Not to imitate the kaafirs

Your life is a test
So put down your fist

Show no anger
Start showing some love

At least smile 2 one another
Instead of the cussing

Show them the right path
Instead of going into the darkness

don’t hate
Just appreciate

We don’t act right
O’Allah show us the light

Your life is gone
Your time is done

Were 1 nation side by side
No need to hide

Sisters keep your head up high
You’re the beauty of Islam
No need to deny it

No need to show your tears
Cuz we only have 1 to fear

Allah The 1 And Unseen