Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

If a Man Could Dream...

It's the majestic manipulation of manifested feathers,
somehow created for organisms to evolve into fowl.
What happened down the line that determined this distinction?
Did He ever pause to ponder if I wanted wings?
If I wanted to fly to Florida or Mexico for winter?
And then casually cruise to Canada in the summer months?

By the Gods, what I awouldn't do for a set of wings;
say goodbye to traffic as well as stupid planes;
no more dizzying ups and downs on those elevator trains;
in retrospect, I thank my bulky brain for staying sane!
And in the thought, I'd glide gracefully above the streets,
Perhaps pearch upon a pedestal and beg for something sweet,
Get my nibble here and there and peck at people's feet,
But if I were to peck and nibble I'd also need a beak...
And what's a birds beak without down and feather?
I'd also need those in order to withstand the weather.
Now what are these - toes? ! Birds feet are better.
Ah, there we go... to mental eye, a great pleasure.

Dare a man not dream a dream in dire need of a respite?
For anyone can wish the world and be lucky to turn up earth.
I, myself, would sooner become a boundless bird,
Not necessarily because I like birds...no - it's just the wings I like;
but instead of human with wings, it's just angel. And I am no angel.

I am simply a man trying to escape being man.

Kale Beaudry