Hello my True Visitors ...

Hello my True Visitors ...

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(Poem) Mutiara Kata

In My Eyes

hurt inside
so tangled up
so confused
so unsure of what to do
quit judging me
by what you see
i saw what you did
you took my heart
twisted it
and turned it
and laughed in my face.
you can't hate me now,
you don't know me now
i'm not that girl who couldn't quit loving you.
a naked, empty soul took her place.
once loved, now hated.
you act as if my life
is a piece of paper,
so easily ruined,
so easy to tear.
can't you hear
my cry for help,
my pleas of need.
so helpless.
you made me this way.
what are you doing to me?
why don't you go live your life,
instead of ruining mine.
leave me here in this broken, dark hole...to die.
i was seen with her eyes
and pushed away.
the force of hatred,
taking me places i don't want to be.
the lies, so sad.
feeling alone and hated.
pushed away.
all the jokes
so cruel.
me, that cold and empty girl,
was lost and found and loved.
somehow lost again,
and hated.
you despise me,
you yell at me,
i've done nothing wrong